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Mission and vision

Vision Statement

Health-e-Charity aims for all people throughout the globe to have access to quality and effective healthcare.

Mission Statement

Health-e-Charity partners with low-to-medium income countries (“LMICs”) to improve access to vital healthcare through volunteer medical missions; which focuses on clinical education and training, direct patient care, achieving healthcare system efficiencies, and deploying healthcare information technology which optimizes population health metrics. 

Core Values of a Health-e-Charity Ambassador


Service: Present expertise, skills, knowledge, and experience for the benefit of those served by Health-e-Charity to improve access to healthcare in poor access regions without expectation of monetary or other benefits.

Integrity: Uphold the values of Health-e-Charity to serve others, promote goodwill, and assist in capacity building in the regions which I serve, with honesty, integrity, and the utmost respect for all persons, regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, creed, gender/gender identity, sexual orientation, age or disability. 

Community: I shall meaningfully participate in a community of other Health-e-Charity ambassadors and contribute in furtherance of Health-e-Charity’s objectives, whether in serving in remote medical missions, local fundraising, representing Health-e-Charity, or any other charitable service provided by Health-e-Charity.

Professional Standards of Excellence: I shall perform my professional duties, both clinical and non-clinical, with diligence and a focus on maintaining or exceeding professional standards in evidence-based clinical or administrative medicine.  I promise to practice within my expertise, and to seek assistance in situations where other expertise or specialty is required. 


Sustainability: I shall promote access to healthcare that is sustainable, and contribute to programs which regard sustainability as the most important aspect of healthcare delivery in poor access regions. 


Innovation: I shall adopt and encourage up-to-date, evidence-based, and innovative diagnostic tools, equipment, medications, and processes suited for the practice of international medicine, acknowledging the unique challenges of healthcare delivery in remote regions, while at the same time continually striving to achieve Health-e-Charity’s charitable objectives.

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